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Using A Duvet and Duvet Covers

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Duvets are similar to standard comforters, and they can be made of a variety of fillings, e.g. down, cotton and synthetic fibers. They are more popular in colder regions, as they are heavier and provide more warmth than standart comforters and blankets. Duvet covers are giant “pillowcases” for the comforter and makes a part of your bed linen. There can be linen duvet covers, cotton duvet covers etc. The duvet is placed inside it to be kept clean. Duvet covers are changed and laundered each time one changes the rest of the bed linen.

linen duvet covers

Find below some tips on using duvet and duvet covers.

  • If you decided to purchase a duvet, choose it according the size of your bed and select a filling type according to your preferences.
  • Buy along one or more duvet covers for your duvet. Think beforehand of the materials you want the duvet cover would be made of. Linen duvet covers and cotton duvet covers are the most popular choices.
  • Slip the duvet into the duvet cover. To make this easier, start at one end and gradually pull the cover over the entire duvet just like you do when you put a pillowcase on a pillow.
  • Smooth the duvet inside the cover by laying it flat on your bed or a carpet and straightening the corners. Work out on any bumps or lumps.

linen duvet

  • Resume closing the duvet cover by buttoning the ends or folding the ends up – this will depend on the style of cover you have.
  • At the need of laundering, remove the cover by unbuttoning the buttons and taking it off the duvet. The duvet itself only needs to be washed or cleaned once a year once in two years. The duvet cover is to be laundered with other pieces of bed linen.
  • Top sheets are no longer needed when you start using duvet with a linen duvet cover or one made of other materials. Duvet cover protects the duvet.

duvet covers

Duvet covers can be washed along with other pieces of bed linen, follow the instructions on the label.

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