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Linen Towels – a Perfect Choice for the Beach

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A simple towel can make a day on the beach a whole lot more fun. We want a beach towel that absorbs moisture immediately and dries out quickly, ready for lots of sea swims or quick dips. We also want it to be lightweight yet large enough to lie on so we can soak up the rays. And of course, it needs to look good too. Well, luckily pure linen towels have all those characteristics, and are perfect for the coming spring and summer months.

linen beach towel

Why we love linen towels for quality beach time:

  • Linen towels willl absorb moisture and leave you dry in seconds. They will also dry very quickly afterwards and become a perfect surface to lie on. Their quick-drying properties also means you don't have to lug them home heavy and full of water.
  • In fact, linen towels are extremely lightweight, making them easy to carry around in your beach bag.
  • And they are always in vogue, thanks to their classic, timeless charm and minimalist style.
  • Made of natural flax fiber, linen beach towels are stylish and luxurious, as well as having plenty of positive qualities, which makes them your go-to beach accessory.

Other ways to use a linen beach towel

beach towels linen

Beach towels are usually larger than those used at home, but thanks to their slimness, linen beach towels can be used in different ways too. Linen towels can become a handy makeshift sarong or blanket, or you can even wear them as a wrap on cooler days. Tied just above the chest they make a great summer cover-up in a bar or on the beach in the evening.

Linen beach towels come in many sizes, styles and designs, including colorful big towels, cute hooded towels for the babies, and trendy towels for teens. Whatever your style, when choosing your summer beach towel make sure you pack a top quality  linen towel, for all the benefits and joys of this special fabric.

For some clever beach hacks go here, and for more on linen in summertime go here.

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