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Linen Takes on New York

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One of our favourite linen producers and designers is LinenMe, the Lithuanian company that specialises in 'affordable luxury'. We were thrilled to hear about their adventures in the Big Apple at NYNOW, one of the most prestigious home, handmade and lifestyle design shows in the world.

Let's follow LinenMe's Inga for a day in her New York life:

Inga Lukauskiene, LinenMe in New York


Breakfast in New York could be anything from smoked salmon bagels to chai vanilla pots, eggs-over-easy to pancakes, but Inga chooses the delights of Le Pain Quotidien for her morning sustenance. They do bread properly here, slow-risen, made with care and attention, and perfect for setting yourself up for a long day. You can just smell the buttery loveliness wafting off these beauties.

Le Pain Quotidien


Some places make work feel completely different. Inga heads to New York's Public Library to get down to some admin on her laptop, surrounded by 53 million items and a history stretching back to 1911. New York is full of buildings like this, iconic, stunning places that make you feel like you are in one of your favourite movies.

New York Library LinenMe

Leaving the cool, dim confines of the library, Inga gets to the NYNOW building. And it's already buzzing. She meets retailers, talks to buyers, discusses LinenMe's new products (we've got a sneak preview below!) and colourways (check out the luscious marine blue, spa green and steel grey) that will see her customers through the gloom of winter and into the new year. There are thousands of people here, each trying to spy the next big idea and taking inspiration from the design-driven products and innovative exhibitors. LinenMe have been coming here for 13 years and are proud to show their top-quality, timelessly appealing linen products.

LinenMe NYNOW Best Linen


In the city that never sleeps, the inhabitants still have to. Inga heads back to get some ZZZZZZZZs and stops at the Brooklyn Bridge to take in the beautiful skyline set off by the wash of colours of a New York sunset. Dreamy city this.

And her next stop? Paris. Oh my.

Bridge New York LinenMe

New York LinenMe

For more on linen in the design world see here.

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