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Is linen a winter fabric?


Is linen a winter fabric?

We all love linen as a brilliant summer fabric – whether we're sleeping soundly under cool linen sheets, or wafting around in a fresh-feeling linen dress. The reason? Linen has natural temperature regulating properties, allowing heat to escape from our body and wicking away moisture from our skin. But what about the colder months? In this post we’ll explain why linen is a great fabric for winter too.

why wear linen in winter


Why linen will keep you warm

As a naturally-grown fabric linen has inherent breathability, temperature regulating and antimicrobial properties. This means that in cold weather it helps your body retain heat, and in hot weather allows the heat to evaporate into the air.

Unlike many synthetic fabrics which create a stifling, sweaty heat, the warmth of breathable linen feels comfortable and cozy. So, although linen may initially seem expensive, it's actually a really great investment as it can be used all year round and in any temperature or climate.

how to wear linen in winter


Linen in winter may at first seem a strange concept, but thanks to its natural breathability and temperature regulating properties it's actually a savvy choice.

How to wear linen year round

Layer up!

Linen fabric for clothing in winter? Oh yes! The key to getting year-round wear from your linen clothing is in layering. During the summer you might only need a light linen shirt or wide leg linen pants, but when the weather cools it's time for layers. This can be as simple as wearing a wool cardigan over your linen top, or layering a turtleneck under a linen dress.

wearing linen fabric layers cold weather


Natural knits like a lightweight merino sweater will see you through a cool Fall season and are also useful staples for cooler summer evenings. Pair with a chunky cardigan and linen skirt for a soft, effortlessly stylish winter outfit.

Cozy wool socks and winter boots look fabulous worn with a drapey linen midi dress in Fall. You could also go for thick tights under a knee length linen skirt, or a superfine thermal base layer under your favourite linen shirt.

why wear linen clothing in cold weather


Choose a neutral color palette

Muted grey tones and earthy neutrals look chic and elegant in winter. Choose a palette that contrasts patterns and textures but has one unifying tone that pulls the layering together. If you're a fan of bold colors pick one bright shade - whether that's your linen pieces or the complimenting layers - and style with more understated tonal layering.

Stick to natural linen clothing and materials

To avoid the cloying overheating that some manmade materials can cause, choose natural fabrics for your winter outfits. Not only are they top of the style lists, they are far more comfortable (remember the breathability, temperature regulating and skin-friendly properties?). Cotton and silk fabric is preferable to synthetics like polyester or nylon.

Wear linen clothing with other natural materials in colder months to ensure you not only stay cozy and warm, but you'll look super stylish too.

wear linen tonal layering winter


And go for linen bedding in winter too!

We don't just recommend you wear linen clothing for winter – linen bedding is a must-have in colder weather too. Thanks to its hypoallergenic, moisture wicking and temperature regulating characteristics, linen makes an ideal bedding material whether it's mid summer or the depths of snowy winter.

There's nothing nicer than snuggling down into a cozy bed with soft sheets and a thick yet comfy duvet cover. We love layering different materials in the bedroom as well as our outfits: you could drape a luxe wool throw over your linen bedding, or adding some velvet cushions for a range of textures.

wear linen summer fabric winter bedding


Versatile, natural style - whatever the season

So there you have it – it makes perfect sense to wear linen all year round. It's not only a brilliant summer fabric, amazingly linen will also keep you warm in winter. This versatile natural textile has been used for thousands of years for homes and garments, and is always featured in the most style conscious wardrobes and homes today.

Wear it layered with other natural materials for a cozy winter outfit, and hunker down in a sumptuously soft bed covered with linen bedding and wool throws at night. Bring on the chilly weather - we're ready!

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