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Is Linen a Cool Fabric?


Is linen a cool fabric?

Linen is always 'cool' in terms of being on trend, but will linen clothing keep you feeling cool in hot weather? The answer is a resounding 'Yes!' Linen clothes have been popular for generations, partly thanks to their durability and easy style, but also because they help regulate your body temperature.

wearing linen in hot weather



Linen has many benefits when it comes to clothes and bedding. Which is why it's a constant feature in stylish homes and wardrobes.

Here's why linen fabric is your friend in spring and summer – and right through the winter too.

What makes linen one of the greatest summer fabrics?

1.Linen is naturally breathable:

Linen comes from the flax plant, an ancient and amazing plant that has been grown for thousands of years. Flax fibers are strong, resilient and make a beautiful textile when woven into linen. The fibers allow air to circulate around your skin rather than clinging to your body, like some synthetic garments.

linen fabric breathability


2.Moisture wicking properties:

Rather than leaving sweat close to your skin, linen has moisture wicking properties which takes sweat and moisture away. No more clammy, damp skin, instead you'll feel dry and comfortable, no matter how high the temperature climbs. In hot and humid weather this is a lifesaver.

linen clothes hot and humid weather


3.Temperature regulation for cool comfort:

As well as these other cooling abilities, linen clothing and bedding keeps your body temperature more even than other fabrics. Thanks to the weave of linen fibers, heat can escape, unlike with synthetic fabrics that trap heat next to your body.

Natural material like linen and cotton is a much more comfortable choice in summer than man-made clothing or bedding.

wearing cool natural summer fabrics


4.Linen clothes can absorb and release moisture:

Linen fabric can absorb a high proportion of moisture – up to 20% of its weight, but it also allows this to evaporate off quickly. This means your clothes stay dry if you sweat, and will dry more quickly than heavy cotton or denim if you get caught in a summer downpour.

summer fabrics linen clothing



Cotton or linen? What's best for summer?

So, now you know the benefits of wearing linen in summer, you might be wondering what the difference is between this and another popular natural fabric – cotton. Both grow from organic material (i.e; they aren't man-made fabrics derived from polymers), and both are comfortable choices for wearing in the hotter months.

But we think linen has the edge over cotton. It's a more sustainable option as it uses fewer resources to grow and produce than cotton, and it has superior cooling and moisture wicking properties.

wearing linen clothing  versus cotton clothing


Linen sheets are also super soft against the skin, and get even softer with each wash, which makes them the ideal choice for summer bedding. Cotton will absorb sweat, but it isn't as effective at releasing moisture back into the air as linen.

There are other reasons why we'd choose linen over cotton too. Linen is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. This makes it perfect for young or sensitive skin, and for those who are prone to rashes and skin discomfort. Who knew linen clothes could actually have health benefits?!

There you have it!

Natural linen fabric is hands down the best option if you're looking for something cool to wear in summer.

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