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From Flax Flower To Fitted Sheet: How is linen made?


Have you ever wondered how your sumptuously soft linen sheets started out? Or where your favourite summer linen shirt began its life before you discovered it? Many of us are trying to be more mindful about the products we buy, learning about where they are sourced, and how they are created. This helps us make choices that fit with a desire to live more sustainably.

The more we think about our purchases, the more considered our consumption will be. How much do we know about the fabrics, materials, cosmetics and foods that we use on a daily basis? For generations we have filled our homes and wardrobes with linen textiles, but if you've ever asked yourself, 'How is linen made?' we've got the answers here.

how is linen made

The story starts with the delicate flax flower that has been grown for thousands of years and whose by-products have been put to a diverse range of uses, from bank notes to cattle feed and dyes to cosmetics. So, how does the humble flax turn into a fitted sheet?

Here's how linen is made :

How is linen made - Linenbeauty

Each stage in the flax production process uses a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology. The linen we use at LinenMe has been grown in Western Europe, where the damp, cool climate is perfect for flax to thrive. Flax uses less water to grow and process than cotton, and doesn't require pesticides or insecticides, which makes linen an environmentally-friendly material.

Our expertise kicks in once the linen fibres are ready to be cut and sewn. We have worked with linen fabric for three generations and so we have an in-depth understanding of how to get the very best from this beautiful natural fabric. You can read more about the history of linen here.

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Please visit our website which tells about our Flax Scutching Festival established in 1907. This year we will be celebrating our 109th festival.

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