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Does Linen Fabric Wrinkle Easily?


Does linen fabric wrinkle easily?

Linen clothing is loved around the globe for its natural beauty, effortless style and ultra-comfortable softness. But you may have noticed one thing when you wear linen: it wrinkles. But is this a deal-breaker? We don't think so.

Here are some tips on how to get around the wrinkles if you don't fancy the rumpled look and advice on just accepting them as part of the inherent charm of linen fabric.wrinkle free linen clothing


Why does linen crease?

The reason linen wrinkles easily is down to the chemical make-up of the cellulose of the flax plant fibers from which linen is made. Hydrogen bonds in this cellulose are left by evaporated moisture, resulting in wrinkles in the fabric.

To tackle wrinkles you need to break down these hydrogen bonds fast, and replace with new bonds that don't cause wrinkling. A linen-blend fabric, like cotton-linen mix, will wrinkle less but then you lose some of the benefits of pure linen. Pure flax linen fabric might crease more easily, but it retains many other impressive qualities.

How to keep linen wrinkle free


The most obvious and simple way to deal with wrinkles is to iron your linen clothes before wearing. After washing your garments in mild detergent, following the care instructions, iron whilst still damp to remove any wrinkling. If the garment is dry, spritz with water first, then roll gently to distribute the water evenly.


If you have a clothes steamer you can run this over your linen shirt or clothes before wearing. This may not completely get rid of every wrinkle but the steam will smooth out the fabric. You can also use the steam setting on your iron, on a high heat, if your linen is able to withstand the temperature - test on a hidden area first if you're unsure.

linen clothing no wrinkles



If you want to not only banish wrinkles but create a stiff, formal feel for your linen clothes, tablecloth or bedsheets, try starching. There are a range of spray starches that you apply before ironing, or you can ask a dry cleaner to treat the garment for you.

Starched garments may go yellow so never store an item without washing after wearing and between starch treatments. Don't let your gorgeous white linen fabric get ruined! Linen wrinkles look way better than faded, yellowing linens that have been inappropriately stored.

Embrace the wrinkles!

linen clothing wrinkles


We think there's a lot to be said for celebrating imperfections - whether that's a slightly wrinkled pair of linen pants, or a welcomingly creased set of bedlinen. If you're not a fan of ironing and don't want the hassle of steaming or starching, it's best to simply embrace the wrinkles.

In fact, wrinkles are a sign of good quality linen. The higher the standard, the stronger the fibers and the better the quality. If you're going to wear linen then maybe just accept the fact that it will have creases, and focus instead on the breathable, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking properties of this amazing fabric.

wearing linen clothing wrinkled


So, there are some simple ways to remove wrinkles in your linen clothing or linen home textiles. But we say, rock the creases and don't sweat the small stuff!

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