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Create an Inviting Outdoor Space With These 5 Simple Tips


With the advent of summer comes the joy of eating, drinking and generally relaxing outdoors. It's time, then, for some easy ways you can make your outdoor space more inviting and beautiful. Here's our 5 top tips:

1. Cushions covers

Add softness and comfort to the outdoors by scattering some cushions. This will instantly brighten up your chairs and benches, and pull together your colourscheme. You can even drape blankets or sheets from trees and fill the space beneath with rugs and cushions for a boho-style tipi. If simple is more your thing, stick to a neutral palette to create a serene feel to your outdoor space.

outdoor space - cushion covers

2. Plants and flowers

If you grow flowers in your garden simply throw together a casual bunch created from cut blooms and some pretty greenery. Herbs make a fragrant addition too. If you don't have the space (or green enough fingers) to grow your own buy a few cheap bunches from a supermarket or deli, then separate and arrange in individual pots according to type (more hints here).

You can also grow plants in small containers as a focal point for a table or alongside your seating. Succulents look fabulous and come in a range of sizes and shapes. If you are hosting a special event a bit of forward-thinking will mean you can grow some cutting flowers ready to pick for the occasion.

outdoor space - flowers

3. Lighting

We love the gentle glow of candlelight, and a simple cluster arranged in small jars always looks delightful. You could also create a centrepiece by placing a candle inside a pot planted with alyssum or pretty greenery. For more permanent lighting why not rig up some of the festoon lights that are so popular at the moment? These bare bulbs create a gorgeously inviting ambience and look lovely twinkling away in the twilight.

sugarandcharm - lighting

4. Tableware

What better excuse to invest in some new tableware than the upcoming summer season of outdoor parties and picnics? Whether you prefer an eclectic mixture of styles and colours or matching sets of tableware, choose crockery that looks and feels beautiful. Try these indigo-drop mugs for your morning coffee al fresco, this glorious cheeseboard to finish off a dinner, or stunningly simple porcelain plates.

5. Table linen

Once you've created the right mood in your outdoor space, pay attention to the small stuff. The right tablecloths and linen napkins can bring the perfect finishing touch to a table setting - not too starchy and formal but just enough to look like you've made an effort. Breezy beauty is what you are aiming for here.

Now we just have to hope the sun keeps on shining so we can get maximum time outdoors...

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