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Accentuate Your Bathroom with Towels Sets


It's easy to take towels for granted. Simple, straightforward and always useful, they are an integral part of our everyday lives. In fact, it's hard to imagine spending a single day without one.

Despite the simplicity of their design towels are in high demand all over the house – from bathroom sheets, guest and hand towels, tea towels, baby towels to beach towels. We use towels several times each day as we take a shower, wash our hands or do our chores in the kitchen, which means towels are among the most essential items in our households. So, buying the right towels is an important decision.

choosing bathroom linens

What to think about when buying towels

  • How will you mostly use them? If you want large bath sheets for use at home you can go for a bigger size, but if you travel a lot it's probably better to opt for a more lightweight, compact linen towel.
  • Investing in a towel set is often more economical, and also creates a pulled-together, polished look in your bathroom or guest room.
  • What fabric will you choose? If you like chunky, fluffy towels then opt for cotton/ terry towelling – but remember for softness you need to tumble dry them, which can be expensive and uses a lot of electricity. Linen huckaback towels are highly absorbent and also dry quickly, making them a great choice for the beach or pool. They are also less bulky and heavy, so are perfect for the gym or for travelling.linen beach towel
  • How will you store your towels? A neat pile of white or neutral towels stashed on an open shelf looks welcoming and organised. Or you could hang brighter coloured towels from hooks to bring a pop of colour into your bathroom. A wicker basket of neatly rolled linen towels has a lovely spa-like feel.
  • Durability is worth considering too. If you don't want to have to refresh your bathroom towels too often, and are keen to reduce waste, go for linen towels. These last for years, and get softer with each wash, making them a more sustainable choice than other fabrics that might get threadbare or lose their softness.buying bathroom towels

As your bathroom is one of the first places you'll see in the morning (and that guests will always use), it's important that it feels tranquil and inviting. Invest in a fresh set of linen towels, add some plants and a scented candle, and decant your bath products into plain amber glass bottles for a truly on-trend, sophisticated aesthetic.

For ideas on a bathroom makeover go here, and for more on why we love linen beach towels try this.

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