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5 Natural Ways to Beat Autumn Colds and Winter Blues


If you are suffering from the Autumn sniffles or struggling with the ever-shortening days and darker evenings, we're here to help with natural ways to beat autumn cold.

Our immune systems can take a battering at this time of year, so it's important to take care of yourself. Eat well (try not to reach for sugary quick-fix snacks when you are feeling tired), take a good quality vitamin supplement, get plenty of sleep and try to find some time in your day to be still and quiet. Sometimes you might need extra help to get back on track, like these 5 remedies below. All are based on natural ingredients, but if you are pregnant be wary of essential oils and check their suitability before using.

Here are 5 ways to see yourself happily into winter:


Make a spritz to spray on bedlinen (preferably pure linen, which will regulate your body temperature and keep you cosy yet comfortable) and cushion covers. Simply fill a spray bottle with one part vodka, four parts water and 30 drops of essential oils of your choice. Lavender, chamomile, bergamot and rose geranium are all lovely oils that create a calm yet energising atmosphere in your home.


Use a base of pure almond oil, add beeswax and a few drops of thyme and cedar to create an expectorant balm (or buy this one). Rub this on your chest to help ease chesty coughs or respiratory problems. You could also leave out the beeswax and use a few drops of the scented oil on a napkin to inhale throughout the day, or on your pillow at night.

balm-remedy-colds-flu- natural ways to beat autumn cold


Slice some fresh ginger and mix with hot water, a slice of fresh lemon, a pinch of cinnamon, one clove and a star anise. Drink this often throughout the day to soothe inflammation and boost your immune system.



Indulge in a DIY home spa moment by warming your favourite towel on a towel rail or radiator and running yourself a beautifully scented, luxurious bath. Add some delicious bath product, like Neal's Yard Seaweed & Arnica foam bath (great for increasing energy and soothing an overtired body). We love the sound of Jane Inc's Effervescent Bath Cube in Cold & Sinus (made with eucalyptus and lemongrass oils to help clear the respiratory system).


Make an immune-boosting tonic, like this elderberry syrup, and add to oatmeal, smoothies or yoghurt for an extra hit of Vitamin C and anthocyanins. Give your kids a spoonful each day to help them ward off infections and stay healthy into winter.


For ideas on getting your home cosy for Autumn, go here and here. For more on natural beauty products read our interview with Asapoth's Amanda Saurin here.

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